Auditorium Side Janitor

Reports To

The Janitor will report to the Office Manager and ultimately the Lead Pastor/Elder Team.

Job Overview

This position is responsible for cleaning of all areas of the Valleybrook buildings on the Auditorium side of the street, including the Auditorium, the 410, Imitate classrooms and nursery, and the Fish Bowl/Garage areas used for programming.  Cleaning and maintenance of theses spaces keeps attendees safe and healthy, and allows for God to be glorified in all areas of ministry at Valleybrook Church.

Responsibilities and Duties

The following is a brief description of each area to be cleaned.  Additional detail is included within each job area and will be shared upon request:

  • The 410
    1. Clean bathrooms
    2. Sweep/Vacuum/Mop
    3. Wipe down hard surfaces
    4. Clean glass on doors
    5. Empty trash
  • Lobby
    1. Clean glass on doors
    2. Vacuum floors and stairwells to bathrooms and balcony
    3. Wipe down couches and other hard surfaces
    4. Empty trash
  • Men’s and Women’s Bathrooms (upstairs and within 410)
    1. Clean toilets/urinals inside and outside
    2. Clean sinks
    3. Clean mirrors
    4. Empty trash
    5. Refill paper towels and toilet paper
    6. Sweep and mop floors
  • Auditorium
    1. Sweep/vacuum all concrete and carpeted areas
    2. Mop concrete
    3. Clean seats (as needed)
    4. Clean glass on doors (as needed)
    5. Empty trash
  • Kids Areas and Nursery
    1. Clean bathrooms
    2. Sweep/vacuum all floors
    3. Mop hard surfaces
    4. Clean windows (as needed)
    5. Clean hard surfaces including toy areas
    6. Empty trash
  • Fish Bowl and Garage
    1. Empty trash and recycling (as needed)
    2. Sweep/vacuum/mop all areas
    3. Clean glass (as needed)
    4. Clean bathrooms


Job qualifications for this position include:

  • Able to work a minimum of 10 hours per week (scheduling is flexible and up to the individual within the timeframe of Valleybrook activities).
  • Able to lift and carry medium-weight loads such as cleaning and paper supplies, trash, backpack vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Able to use cleaning supplies that may contain some chemicals. (all supplies are covered by MSDS qualifications)
  • Able to work independently and be self-directed.
  • Some experience in commercial cleaning is desired, but not required.
  • A heart to serve God in this important area of Valleybrook Church

Additional Information
On-the-job training will be available by the current janitor.  Valleybrook attendee/membership is preferred.  A background check will be required.

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