We love being in a college town. And we love college students! They are an important part of our church and ministries. Below are some ministries and opportunities we offer for college students.

College Luncheon

We host a college luncheon every first Sunday of the month during the regular school year. Come for free food and fellowship at 11:30am in the Valleybrook Loft.

College Shuttle

We have a shuttle that takes students to and from UWEC on Sunday morning. To take the shuttle, simply be at the Towers Dorm pick up area by 9:40 AM Sundays during the semester.

Internship Opportunity

If you are a college student and want to know more about the inner workings of Church and exploring your call to ministry while serving Eau Claire community, our summer internship may be for you! Check out the application for more details. Click here to download the application.

Service Learning

We are a UWEC Service Learning Partner. Contact Evan Petras with your service learning needs.

Host Families

The Church is about family. And oftentimes, when you go to college, you leave your family. So we want to make Eau Claire feel like home and Valleybrook feel like family. Our host families are committed to having 2-4 college students over at least once a month to love and serve you this school year.