Are you looking to GROW in your faith and find COMMUNITY? Consider one of our small groups. Small Groups are a great place to form friendships as you learn to follow Jesus together. These groups typically meet about 12 weeks, making it an easy commitment for those with busy schedules. Can I join a group virtually? Yes, all of our groups can be attended virtually through Zoom.

Love Over Fear

In this group, you will be encouraged and challenged to love others, all others, in an age of polarization and fear. You will take an in depth look at how Jesus loved and talk about how to follow His example.

Led by Mark & Peggy Halvorsen
The Living Room at Valleybrook
Sundays from 8:30 - 9:45 AM

February - April

Monday Men's Group

(for men) Real men are men who are real! This group will meet each week to be real with each other, support one another, see how the Bible passages from Sunday apply to their lives, and pray for one another.

Led by Mark Halvorsen
The Living Room at Valleybrook
Mondays from 6:30 - 7:45 PM

Lose Control

(for women) In this group, you will take a journey through First Samuel, which is an epic story about a fight for control. Through the saga of Saul and David, you will discover that no purpose of God can be thwarted. Even the worst of circumstances can be used by God to accomplish His purposes.

Led by Jean Jolley
Doris's Apartment
Tuesdays from 1 - 3 PM
January - May

Find Your People

(for women) We are more isolated and lonely than ever. Using examples from Jesus' life, this group aims to show how to dive into community and be connected in a joyful way with others!

Led by Susan Scott & Patty Pladsen
The Living Room at Valleybrook
Thursdays from 6 - 7:30 PM
February - April

First Peter

In this group, you will walk through the short letter of First Peter and unpack the importance of our witness in this world. Until the day that God rights all wrongs, we have a job to do as Jesus followers.

Led by Jim & Shelly Peterson
The 410 at Valleybrook
Mondays from 6:30 - 8 PM

February - March

The Tabernacle and Jesus

In this group, you will look at how the tabernacle in the Old Testament pointed to Jesus in the New Testament. Learn about the significance of each part of the tabernacle and how it foreshadowed Jesus.

Led by Keith Burks & Vic Price
The Living Room at Valleybrook
Wednesdays from 6 - 7:30 PM
February - April


(for men) This is an opportunity for men to share their insights, experiences, and understandings as related to the book of Romans. This group will bring support and encouragement as men walk through life together.

Led by Bill Mellien
The Lodge at Valleybrook
Tuesdays from 6 - 7 AM


Life Recovery (Support Group)

The Bible is the greatest book on recovery ever written. It reveals God's plan for healing and recovery. Join us as we set out together on the path God has revealed for the rescue and transformation of broken lives.

Led by Greg & Christy Bowers
The 410 Room at Valleybrook
Fridays from 7 - 8 PM