Local Missions

At Valleybrook we believe that sharing the life-changing love of God begins in our neighborhood. That is why Valleybrook partners with and supports organizations that have that same mission. Here are the following organizations that Valleybrook partners with and supports.

Lighthouse Youth Center

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Christian Service Brigade

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

APPLE Pregnancy Care Center

Salvation Army CareLink

Sojourner House

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Global Missions

Ben and Sarah Robertson

Ben, Sarah, & Phoebe Robertson are missionaries to the Czech Republic through Josiah Venture where they are partnering with God’s movement among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. Ben was on staff at Valleybrook until recently, when Valleybrook had the joy and privilege of sending and commissioning the Robertsons to full time missionary ministry.

Ted and Nita Bukowski

Ted and Nita Bukowski are Valleybrook missionaries in Albania. They have partnered with a local church in Tirana The House Of Prayer pastored by Festim and Merita Qelemeni. The relationships they have built with them are a very big part of their time and commitment there. Their hearts are not to start a church but rather to encourage and equip the church that is already there. Ted and Nita want them to know and experience God’s love and to see all that He has for them.

Joanna Peterson

Joanna Peterson is a missionary to the Karen People in Thailand and the Karen refugees in Minnesota. She works to bring the gospel to the Karen people through starting and strengthening churches for the Karen people. Joanna is a missionary through Converge Worldwide.

Teamwork Africa

Mark and Peggy Halvorsen are missionaries in Liberia for Teamwork Africa. Teamwork Africa's partnership with native Liberian church plants has seen dramatic results. From 2011 to 2014, 66 clean water wells have been installed and 166 wells repaired. Each providing safe water to villages that desperately needed it. In addition, orphans and children at risk are being cared for through our Starfish Kids sponsorship program, pastors are being provided resources to care for their villages, birth kits have been provided to enable a safer birthing experience for village women. We're also continuing to raise support to equip local pastors to more effectively reach their villages. Through this partnership between individuals and churches in American with local village churches in Africa, eternity is being rewritten in the interior villages of Liberia.