We value the intentional time and investment we have with our community of students each week. We have a unique schedule where we meet for a large group gathering at the Loft one week, and then the following week we break out into homes for small groups. This every-other-format is a great opportunity for students to feel connected to a larger movement of Jesus, yet at the same time find a place to belong, connect, and build relationships. Email Ben for the small group locations.

Czech Mission Trip

This summer we are sending a high school team of students to the Czech Republic to partner with Josiah Venture in leading a hybrid Fusion/English camp. The focus of this experience is sharing the Gospel peer-to-peer by building relationships at camp. We will partner with four Czech churches along with 2 American churches to proclaim Jesus to the young people in the Czech Republic.

Summer Schedule

We recognize that summer is a busy time for our families with vacation, camps, and sports commitments, so we do not have weekly Wednesday night gatherings. However, there are many unique opportunities for students to learn and grow this summer. See the schedule below for more details!

  • June 13 - Bible & Breakfast at the Herbenson's Home (8-11 AM)
  • June 20 - Bible & Breakfast at the Herbenson's Home (8-11 AM)
  • June 24-25 - Advance Camping Trip (Middle/High Guys)
  • June 27 - Bonfire at the Kaminski's Home (6-9 PM)
  • July 11 - Bonfire at the Kaminski's Home (6-9 PM)
  • August 22 - Bonfire at the Kaminski's Home (6-9 PM)