Converge Residency equip, train, and send effective leaders into vocational ministry

As part of the Converge movement, our passion is to start, strengthen, and send. We want healthy churches and healthy church leaders to know and share the life-changing love of God. Converge Residencies provide a pathway for those who believe they are called to vocational ministry to clarify that call, engage in healthy leadership practices, and receive the training necessary be sent with humility and confidence.

Why Converge Residencies?
We believe that the training and experience necessary for vocational ministry is best when centered on the local church and its contextual and cultural experience. Because of a shifting landscape in educational opportunities, the local church’s place in this preparation has risen to match the importance of formal offerings.

Who are Converge Residencies for?
All of God’s people are commissioned to be used by God to their fullest potential. And some of those people are called by God to engage by way of vocational ministry. To that end, below are just some examples of where a Resident may currently find themselves:

  • A college or graduate school student connected to a church.
  • A soon-to-be graduate who desires to take the next step in their development.
  • An individual who feels called to vocational ministry but desires help in bridging the
    gap from their current profession.
  • A current church leader who is feeling the call to church planting but desires to see it
    up close and personal as they engage in the Spirit’s leading.

The "What" of Converge Residency
A Resident will enter into a 1 year Residency agreement with Valleybrook Church. Converge will deliver one year’s worth of vocational training to the Resident through online videos, articles, books, and Resident network interactions. Completion of the vocational training will result in an Advanced Certificate of Church Leadership from Converge.

Valleybrook Church will...

  • Provide a work space for the Resident.
  • If needed, provide a laptop or tablet for the Resident.
  • Provide leadership space for the Resident to create, initiate, and multiply a sustainable ministry initiative.
  • Pay for Resident to attend agreed upon Converge gatherings.
  • Pay for part of the Resident’s support raising training with Reliant.

A Resident will be expected to...

  • Launch, sustain, grow, and hand-off a ministry.
  • Engage in being coached and coaching others.
  • Experience leading and serving in multiple areas.
  • Be an active ministry participant in the local church.
  • Engage in the community either through a part-time job or volunteering.
  • There is an optional academic track that, in conjunction with the vocational training, would result in a Master’s Degree in Church Planting.

The “How” of Converge Residencies
Residents will be expected to raise their own support in agreement with Valleybrook's decisions on time, salary, and a Resident’s personal needs. They will come under the management and coaching of Reliant in their support raising efforts. Though a Resident will be classified as an employee of Reliant, Valleybrook will be the leader in that relationship. Upon completion of the Residency, the Resident should not assume that employment with Valleybrook is their next step.

Track Overview
In addition to videos and articles that will be tied directly to specific topics, there will also be a few books that will be read throughout the year that are not necessarily attached to a specific focus topic (i.e. Center Church by Tim Keller, Knowing God by J.I. Packer, etc.).

Self: Topics will include Life Maps, Leadership and Personality Assessments, Self-care Rhythms, and Ministry Calling.

Strategy: Topics will include Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Biblical Diversity, Evangelism Training, Discipleship Path, Leadership Roles, Ministry Philosophy, and more.

Staff: Topics will include Staff Structures, Staff Care, Conflict Resolution, and Human Resources.

Systems: Topics will include Measuring Metrics, Database Management, Salary Planning, Pastoral Leadership, and more.

Synergy: Topics will include Developing guiding statements, Sermon Series Planning, Maximizing Moments, MAPing, and more.

Structure: Topics will include Organizational Approaches, Multisite or Planting, Church Governance, and Meetings with Purpose.

Spaces: Topics will include First Impressions, Worship, Children and Youth ministries.

Finances: Topics will include Developing a Culture of Generosity, Budgeting Practices, and Building a Budget.

Optional Master's Degree Track
For Residents desiring to earn a master's degree, there is a 2-year track that will complete the residency program and earn a master's degree in ministry from Moody Bible Institute. This is a great way to earn your master's in ministry while getting 2 years of full-time ministry experience at the same time!

If you have questions about the Residency program, email Nate Abuan.